Big Windows Require Big Lights

Big Windows are a Blessing and a Curse Big rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows can make a wonderful video location. However, the light outside can change quickly and often and this will have a dramatic impact on the image. It’s probably counterintuitive but if you’ve got lots of light coming in from outside then you

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How to Find the Perfect Location

1. Scout at the appropriate time You will want to scout the location at around the same time of day you plan on shooting, especially if it’s outside. This will ensure that the lighting conditions are similar to what they will actually be during production. Take note of where the sun is,

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A Gaffer’s Role on Set

Every successful film or television project needs a talented, well-organized gaffer working at the helm of the electrical department. They play a critical role in ensuring the cinematographer’s lighting plan is executed correctly, ultimately helping the director tell the story they want to tell. What is a Gaffer A gaffer is the

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