Big Windows are a Blessing and a Curse

Big rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows can make a wonderful video location. However, the light outside can change quickly and often and this will have a dramatic impact on the image. It’s probably counterintuitive but if you’ve got lots of light coming in from outside then you need more light inside. This is because we need to balance the strength of the light outside so it doesn’t just put the interviewee into silhouette. So you’ll need even more space for lights!

How to get the Light Right

There are many elements that contribute to or detract from a great video and lighting is one element that can make or break it. Because cameras don’t capture light in the same way that the human eye does, it is crucial to learn how to get the best lighting for video recording. In order to have the image on the screen appear natural your set will need a lot of lighting. But not just any lighting will do – there are specific ways to manipulate the light for optimal results and bad lighting can be very distracting. So distracting in fact that it can cause your message to get lost, or worse yet, it can make people stop watching altogether. Our lighting experts know all the tip and tricks to get the end result you’ll be happy with and our lights will not disappoint.


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