Who Is I Said Jimmy


As Gaffer, owner/operator of “I said Jimmy” Grip and Electric, I push for the best on every project I tackle. I’m professional, flexible and easy to work with. I lose the ego and focus on getting the project planned, shot and finished as the Director and Director of Photography envisioned it. .

You can expect spot on lighting for your production plan. We are not only accountable for your lighting design, we personally provide and maintain high-end lighting equipment while executing a great production and end product. Our glorified 3-ton grip truck is well organized with efficient carts designed for fast in and out loads. Simply put, we own it so we take good care of it. You’re our client so we take good care of you.

Bottom line, we’re a fun group to work with, and we’ll use all our tips and tricks and full blown lighting expertise to help make your finished project look great. Plus, we’ll have a blast doing it.


Now that you know more about us, what we do, how we do it

and the gear we use to make it happen, give a shout. We’d love

to show you our team in action.